Thanksgiving History Celebration and Fun Facts 2020

Thanksgiving day is a festival which is celebrated in the United States and various other countries. In the United States, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the last Thursday of November. This year Thanksgiving Day will be celebrated on 28th November, in a USA Thanksgiving celebrated with a good meal including Turkey, Cookies, Drinks and including many other common foods. There are many ways people celebrate this festival, some like to rest, some like to visit the church and do charity works, but many families sit together and have fun eating a good meal and expressing what they are thankful for.

Thanksgiving history
The First Thanksgiving in 1621

Why Thanksgiving Day is Celebrated?

Many people don’t even know why they are celebrating Thanksgiving Day. The first Thanksgiving which was celebrated in the year 1621, as a harvest festival by Plymouth colonists and then for more than 2 centuries Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in individual colonies till 1863. In the year 1863, President Abraham Lincoln announced that the national thanksgiving day will be held each November. Thanksgiving Day a festival, a day on which u spend time with your family and sharing what you’re thankful for while eating and drinking, enjoying every moment. A celebrating which was started as a feast party 400 years ago, is still celebrated in the United States and many other countries.

Facts About Thanksgiving Day

In the autumn of 1621, the first Thanksgiving was celebrated and lasted for three days and in their feast Lobster, Seal, Drinks are included.

Every year more than 50 million American travel to celebrate Thanksgiving day with there families.

Thanksgiving becomes a national holiday in 1863, it’s more than 200 years after the first Thanksgiving celebration.

On Thanksgiving, more than 46 million turkeys are eaten and 4.500 average number of calories consumed.

In the United States, there are four towns which are named turkey.

There is a tradition of watching football on Thanksgiving day, it began in 1876 and first NFL games played on Thanksgiving.

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