Happy Thanksgiving 2021 – Date, Images, History, FAQs

It has been almost a year since last Thanksgiving day (2020). And we are ready to celebrate yet another Thanksgiving day.

It may be old, youngsters or children. We are always ready to have a great time with our family and friends. Thanksgiving is celebrated in the USA, Canada, and some European countries as well.

If you ask me, Thanksgiving 2020 was kinda lame for me. You know all the stuff is going on.. I just had to celebrate it on my own. It was nothing special than an average day.

I hope things will be different this year, and we are all able to enjoy festivals like this to the fullest. I still remember the happy memories of Thanksgiving day with my family and friends.

To get you started, we will share some amazing facts about Thanksgiving history and some free Thanksgiving images, so you can wish your friends. I’m sure you’ll find some interesting information.

When Is Happy Thanksgiving 2021?

As always, thanksgiving day is celebrated on the last Thursday of November. This year’s date will be 25th November 2021.

The above date is mainly for the USA. The exact date varies depending on the country. The below table will help you find when thanksgiving day 2021 will be celebrated in other countries.

U.S. and BrazilNovember 25, 2021
CanadaOctober 11, 2021
LiberiaNovember 4, 2021
Norfolk IslandNovember 24, 2021

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

There is no exact way to celebrate this festival. It is up to you how you want to enjoy this day. For me, it is more like a feast rather than a festival.

Hey, I enjoy good food and quality family time. I enjoy roasting nice juicy turkey in my backyard with a cold beer.

I used to go out with my friends, and now it’s family time. Sometimes we even invite some guests, and we do enjoy this festival with more people. It’s lots of fun and happy memories.

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