How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day in 2021 With 5 Non-conventional Ways

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November every year. And, there are a few essentials for every Thanksgiving celebration. For instance, family, friends, a few bottles of wine, festive tunes, and even a tastier menu, and pie. Isn’t it? By the way, what’s beyond that? Well, it’s up to you.

Over the years, people have developed some old family traditions. Such as Turkey Day, the food served for Thanksgiving dinner, and the things they do pre-and post-feast.

Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in bed. Or playing a mid-afternoon game of football, or reading a good book, or a challenging jigsaw puzzle.

But if you’re someone who is looking for some new ways to make your Thanksgiving holiday even more memorable, then you landed in the right place.

happy thanksgiving celebration image
happy thanksgiving day celebration image

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite modern Thanksgiving traditions in the following write-up, which are not all about food. Here are a few examples for planning something new this thanksgiving:

  • You could enjoy a turkey trot on this occasion, or
  • Host a post-dinner game night or movie marathon, or
  • Take a group photo in matching, holiday-themed pajamas, or
  • Make DIY place cards and other decorations with thoughtful inscriptions, or
  • Set up a virtual meet up via video call with your dearest ones, or
  • At last, you can make the world a better place by volunteering dates and by helping others.

So, no matter where and how you’re celebrating Thanksgiving. All the following ideas for Thanksgiving are sure to make you feel more grateful than ever.

5 Non-Conventional Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year

Thanksgiving celebration
Thanksgiving celebration feast image

We know that Thanksgiving is a mere 24 hours of celebration. This is celebrated with delicious dishes. And, some quality time with loved ones, and reflecting on everything you’re thankful for.

But, we got you some ideas that will make this festive occasion go far beyond the traditions. Feel the good vibes of this beautiful occasion and enjoy solo or with your loved ones.

Host a Thanksgiving Potluck

Celebrate the spirit of this heartwarming season by gathering with your dearest friends. You can plan a friend giving each weekend of the month if you want to extend your Turkey Day experience. And guess what, you have no need to spend hours in the kitchen solo. Everybody has got a superstar recipe.

It can be the one that is passed down through the generations. Or, it can be a recipe that is borrowed from friends that they swear by. Invite all your friends with their best dish to get them into the fun.

Connect with Your Loved Ones

During these tough times, it has become dificult to meet people on every occasion. But, even in a time when it’s challenging to keep our nearest and dearest ones physically close to us. There are still some ways to stay connected virtually.

You can set up a virtual happy hour where you can invite your dear ones to the table via video chat. In fact, you can have a relaxing movie night with them. Thanks to the technology and internet, everyone can stay connected no matter how far they may be.

Take Part in Fall Activities

Plan some fall activities that everyone, including kids and adults can partake in. These festive-fall fun activities can be enjoyed throughout the month. The activities can include hosting an apple pie bake-off or a chili cook-off etc.

If you want to have a crafty option, then you can swap pumpkin carving for something more kid-friendly materials such as paint, glitter, glue, and felt.

You can make it more festive by creating an autumn wreath and centerpiece arrangement. Moreover, decorate it with cornucopias, wispy branches, scented pinecones, and rich fall flowers.

Share Some Interesting Family Stories

Instead of watching a Netflix show or scrolling through your Instagram feed. On this Thanksgiving, you should ask your older relatives to share a few of their favorite family stories.

This activity will fill the evening with laughter or maybe with tears as well. But sharing such stories will also create deeper bonds among the family members.

Try Volunteer Dates

Thanksgiving is the season of giving. So before you set your table and try something new in the kitchen. You should spread some holiday cheer by volunteering for a local organization. But, there are chances that the nearby shelters, food banks, and food pantries are already flooded with volunteers.

But no worries, in that case, you could consider spending a few hours at a local animal shelter. Or in helping an elderly neighbor, or organizing a neighborhood cleanup. After all, there are endless options for planning a volunteer date.

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Wrapping Up

We know that the things will look different for Thanksgiving 2021. But, there are ways where you can enjoy the company of your loved ones while staying safe.

We hope this guide will help you organize your thanksgiving in a non-conventional but better way. Thank you for reading!!!