Free Printable Red Panda Coloring Pages for Kids

The Red Panda is a small bear-like animal, which is very cute and adorable. It is slightly larger than a cat.

The Red Panda is mostly found in the Himalayas which is located in Nepal, Sikkim, West Bengal, And Arunachal Pradesh.

Due to its adorable and cute looks, kids like to draw its coloring pages.  In this article, we have shared many coloring pages of Red Panda, which you can download for free and give to your kids to color.

How to color Red Panda coloring pages?

As the name suggests, the Red Panda is coated in red or Orange Brown with a black belly and limbs. Its nose area and ear margin are in white color with brown eyes and a black nose.

Red Panda has a unique bushy tail, which is colored in altering rings of red and buff, and a dark brown tip.

After coloring properly the final result will be amazing. To get you started, we have shared a few colored images of Red Panda.

To create Red Panda coloring pages, simply download the following images and print them on blank pages.

Red panda coloring page for kid
Cute red panda coloring page
Cute chibby red panda printable coloring page
Walking red panda coloring page
Red panda with gogles coloring page

You can give your kids crayons or sketch pens to color red panda pages.

If you like our red panda coloring pages, don’t forget to share them with your friends and family. Similar to Red Panda, we have shared many other animal coloring pages, so check them out as well.