Happy Easter 2022 Images, History and Traditions

Everyone has heard about Easter, but some of them still don’t know what it is but don’t worry we are here to tell you that. It is being celebrated from the very start of the Church. It is the end of Holy Week and marks the celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

It is the last day of the Easter Triduum, which starts on the evening of Monday and then goes all the way to Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and finally Easter Sunday. Ressurection also marks the victory of Good over Evil.

Easter Origin

Easter is also known as the Resurrection Sunday or Pascha. Pascha is a Latin word for the Hebrew word for Passover, Pesach. However, the exact origin of the Waster is still unclear.

This phrase is used for describing the white clothes Christian wear during the Holy Week. In old German this word first becomes esostarum and after that, it takes its form which is most common today, Easter.

When Is Easter 2022?

This year Easter will be only one day after April’s full Moon on the seventeenth of April. Easter for Eastern Orthodox will happen on Sunday, April 24. The primary Full Moon, which shows up after the spring equinox on March 20, 2022, marks the start of Easter Month and is known as the “Paschal Full Moon” in the Christian schedule.

What Is the Most Common Easter Date?

The most widely recognized dates for Easter lie between March 22 and April 25. The Festival usually comes between these dates. The most common dates on which Easter is celebrated the most are March 31 and April 16.

But here some of the Eastern Orthodox also follow the Julian calendar rather than the Gregorian so for them the Easter is always on a different date. There Easter is mostly between April 4 and May 8.

Easter Traditions

Eater comes with a lot of loving traditions. Some of the most common traditions followed by people are listed here.

Egg Time Machine

In this you make your child write a letter to him or herself and put it in the plastic egg. The egg then opens on Easter next year. In this way, the kids can see what they were thinking a year ago, which will be very fascinating for them.

Easter Garden

Easter Garden is another most common tradition in which you decorate your yard with a lot of blooming plants like tulips, marigolds, etc.

Easter Egg Tree

For Easter Egg Tree people go to the craft stores and buy some plastic and foam eggs along with other decorations to decorate an Easter Egg Tree. This is a very good activity for kids as it will make them creative as well.

Dinner Parties

Easter Dinner Parties are also a very common tradition in which families have a big dinner together where ham is the main course. This is a very joyful and heartwarming event as it brings all the family together on a special eve.

Observe Lent

Lent season is also a tradition of Easter as it marks the coming Easter. In some people do fasting for 40 days and some used to give up something they really love in their lives. Some people also make resolutions to do something better in their life or adopt a good habit.

Easter Parade

On Easter, Sunday Easter Parade is quite a joyful event where kids can wear Easter clothes and hit the streets where they can see amazing marching, parades, and bands playing music. Fire trucks are usually the most important thing during Easter March.

Easter Eggs

An Easter Egg is one of the most important traditions of Easter in which you dip eggs in bright color dye and then watch it getting colored a quite a joyful experience for all ages.

These eggs are then decorated with glitters and other things. There are also some competitions in which you have to decorate with Easter eggs and you can win some good money as well.

Egg Relay Race

In the relay race, players have to balance the boiled egg on a spoon and then finish the race first to win the prize. It is basically another way to use the Easter eggs.

This can be done as an individual and as a team as well. But it is mostly done as a team to include more and more people into it so they can get happy together.

Easter Bunny

It is the same tradition as follows on Christmas in which you leave cookies and milk for Santa. But this time you have to make it a rabbit treat so you have to put a carrot and water for the Easter Bunny out before you go to sleep.

Jelly Bean Garden

Planting a Jelly Beans garden in the mud outside just before the Easter night is also a very famous tradition of Easter.

The parents usually replace these with the lollipop once their kids are asleep. When the kids wake up in the morning they get very happy seeing that the jelly bean is grown up to be magical lollipops.

Egg the Neighbors

Giving Easter Baskets to neighbors full of goodies is also a very good Easter Tradition as it will increase your understanding with the neighbors and help you get closer to them.

In this way, you have a relationship built with them as well. Just have to make sure one thing while giving an Easter Basket is to put the “You have been egged” sign in it.

Easter Clothes

In European history getting the new Easter Clothes is one of the most important events. This is followed in America as well, in which people wear a brand new outfit for Easter Sunday. This tradition is celebrated by the whole family where they wore new clothes and enjoy get-togethers.

Easter Service at Church

Easter is not really complete without attending the Easter Worship service at the Church. The workshop is performed at different times in different churches. Some make the Worship at early sunrise and some hold it on Saturday night Easter Vigil.

Happy Easter Images

Every year a lot of new Happy Easter Images are released on the internet so that people can share the fresh images with each other. Sending a collection of new Easter Images to friends and Family is also a way to celebrate Easter nowadays.

There is no shortage of Easter images on the internet so you can easily download as many images as you want. Images with Easter symbols trend in the whole Easter as almost all the people who follow Christ are downloading and sharing them.

In fact, not just Easter week a month before the preparation gets started and you can find these fresh Easter 2022 Images a lot earlier than Easter.

Most of the images are downloaded from the freepik.com. Of course these are totally free to share and use as long you don’t sell them.

Happy easter 2022 creative image
Creative and beautiful Easter 2022 image

Happy Easter 2022 image Easter 2022 image

easter image with easter eggs
easter image with easter eggs

Simple happy easter image


Easter Bunny Images

Just like people are sharing the Happy Easter Images all of them, especially kids also share the Easter Bunny Images. The Easter Bunny is especially for kids.

Kids also sometimes draw Easter Bunny Images by themselves, which is a great practice as well. This will help kids get creative. Because of Easter Bunny’s special association with kids, its images are mostly shared by them.

Making your kid Draw Easter Bunny images and sharing them with friends and family will be the source of pleasure for all and helps in making a stronger bond as well so you should follow that practice as well.

Cute happy easter bunny image
Cute happy easter bunny image with easter egg basket
Easter bunny images for 2022
Cute easter bunny image

Easter Egg Images

When we are talking about Easter Images how can we forget the Easter Egg Images as Easter Egg is used by both kids are Elders. The Elders used to send the eggs in the Gift Baskets along with the Sign you have been Egged.

Easter Egg Images also do the same. People you share them with their family and friends and say you have been egged. This will bring joy and sprints to the people. Everyone gets happy with that and no one minds it at all.

Happy easter day image
Happy easter day with smiley eggs
Beautiful Happy Easter image
Happy Easter image with easter eggs

Happy Easter, Easter Bunny Images, and Easter Egg images all these images are now a part of the tradition. Easter is not considered a Happy Easter until everyone shares these images with each other.

Other than that there are more traditions as well, but have you noticed anything in all these traditions? They all are trying to connect people in a way or another.

So more than anything we should observe this event as an event of togetherness and remove the negative energy for our planet. We should learn to live together and spread happiness and make at least every Sunday of our life the Easter Sunday.